The GREY - Bookworm

The ever popular Grey is now available as a self driven Workbook!

This gives you the freedom to digest the Grey content when you want at the speed suitable for you.

The Workbook takes you through all the stages of the Grey Training Plan whilst also giving you a fantastic reference to go back to you when you need to refresh your memory.

Going Solo allows you to sift through, examine and apply the information within the program

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What's in the book?

The Grey program is designed to be a 7day program which:

  • Builds strong attention to you from your dog

    • Results in faster teaching of skills such as walking with you and ignoring the world

    • We built such a strong response to enable your dog to overcome their fears, great for reactive dogs

  • We instill sidelines as required in your lifestyle

    • Giving you the ability to stop any undesired behaviour for life!

  • Teaches your dog to be disciplined and remain on task

    • We teach a powerful Look skill, building eye contact and using food to distract them, this is great for establishing a positive relationship with you, helps to gain control of your dog in difficult situations, such as a sudden fear event

  • The Grey teaches your dog to problem solve independently of you

    • You cant be there all the time, having your dog be able to regulate their own behaviour is important!

  • The entire program builds up to the final drill, teaching your dog patience at the front door

    • Owning a bolting dog can be extremely stressful, without obedience (Sit, Stay etc) we teach your dog to be neutral at the front door

    • We take a very specific strategy to ensure that your dog is calm before leaving the house, making the walks more enjoyable and your dog is calmer for it

How much?


Simply click on the image

The full Program is priced at $415