Heelers Help Kit

What you get out of it

Picture this, you and your dog walking down to your favourite morning spot to watch the sunrise, you meet other early risers, some walking their dog. Now imagine that you're taking your time, your coffee in one hand, your dogs lead in the other, relaxed. You say good morning in passing, hushed not to wake the neighbours, smiling that knowing smile to each other. Your dog's happy, relaxed, by your side, patient, enjoying being with you.

What is included

  • Fully Supported Training

  • 5 weekly or fortnightly training sessions, taking you from zero to hero

  • 20+ Tutorial Videos to accompany the detailed exercises

  • Each part of training is broken down into individual phases which are detailed for you in plain english, no technical jargon to confuse you

  • Each step of the journey contains video to highlight the written text, a piece of mind to ease confusion. You see me demonstrating the drill on your mobile device as if I was there

  • You know what its like, you read the instructions a 1000 times, grab your dog and...nothing..you forgot what you had planned! The videos let you watch the drill as many times as you need wherever you want

  • Equipment guide

  • Through the use of high quality equipment we can make the training journey faster, safer and healthier. You will be shown the recommended lead, treat holder and reward options

  • Heelers Workbook

  • The comprehensive guidebook will keep you on track between sessions

  • Each drill is expertly described in simple to follow steps

  • Each phase of training has a simple Progression Point to take the guesswork out of "Am I ready for the next step?"

  • Master support

  • You will be supported throughout the entire process, never left in the lurch!

  • You will have questions that need answering, you will get your answers ASAP

  • Not only during the Heelers Course but also thereafter, questions and answers take no time


There are 3 service options:

  • Solo Trainer

    • Download the Heelers Workbook and start your solo journey immediately

    • The Download is accessible for a one time investment of AU$50

    • The Downloadable workbook is available at the shop

  • Personal Touch

    • Face-Face/Zoom options delivered fortnightly for 10weeks (5 scheduled sessions)

    • Video Analysis, you text me a 1min video of your session, I send it back to you with voice-over coaching

    • Total support throughout the training journey

    • Start now with a one time payment of AU$250 and two further payments of AU$250.

    • Contact Barefoot Paws now to register your Training Goals

  • Class Format

    • Zoom class held weekly for 5 weeks (6 total sessions)

    • Private Class group on Facebook for community 24/7 support

    • Book your place in the next class with a one time payment of AU$60 and a further payment of AU$60


Taster Videos