The Power to Devour - Pros and Cons

Welcome back to the second installment of this Barefoot Paws series on how to best feed your dog.

This episode will see us comparing the pros and cons of each of the three diets introduced in the last episode. Throughout this series we will look at where you can source the foods from, how much these diets can cost and how these diets affect your dog.

Commercially available dog foods


These foods are readily available from most any retailer that sells food. From independent general store right through to the supermarkets.

There is a plethora of choices of brands and flavours and you can buy these in packages from many kilos down to a few grams.

The food lasts a long time. Indeed canned food can last a very long time before spoiling.

The prices vary greatly from $1.10 to $20 per kilo. From specialty retailers the prices can be sky high.

There is so much available that your dog could literally eat something new every day and never eat the same thing twice.

Regulations are in place to maintain a minimum quality standard of ingredients with respect to nutritional value.