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Fireworks are coming!

As we gear up for the end of year festivities please be aware of how your pets handle this busy period of time.

In particular I would like to for you to be aware of the official fireworks that will be going on in our region.

Please note though, that whilst these will be somewhat distant for most of us, for our dogs the explosion will still be very close and frightening.

Things to do are:

If you are home, this is a great time to grab a bag of food that your dog loves and every time you hear a bang, say "Yes!" and give your dog a piece of that awesome food! Be present for your dog and share this time with them, they will learn that this is ok and will recover quicker when the time is up.

If your away, spread plenty of food out in the backyard for them to be occupied with. An ice cream tub (the 1L size at least) filled with water and laced with foody treats and given frozen will make another great occupation for your pet. Make sure that your dog is in a secured area if they are to be left alone. Please be sure to be doubly vigilant as some dogs will really want to get out! Provide a safe place for the dogs be that a kennel or a crate that they use. Things to avoid are:

Leaving your dog alone if you know they will have at least a good chance of escape.

Leaving dogs alone and together that could attack each other in stressful situations

Picking up/Petting/"Babying" your dog every time they react poorly - you are inadvertently reinforcing this type of mindset, though it may seem cruel not to do this, please read the above "Things to do" section on how to be pro-active in helping your dog through this situation. Merry Christmas Barefoot Packers!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

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