The GREY Lite

How amazing would it be to have a pup that - with a single word - responds to you?

Imagine for a moment that your troublesome dog is peaceful, happy, relaxed and a joy to be around!

Can you imagine that you can finally stop your dog from doing all of those intolerable things and that they finally get on board with your program?

Free yourself of the micro-controlling that you find in most places and free your dog from the constant conflict of trying to toe the line without seeing the lines clearly enough first place!

How does this work?

Through the purchase of The Grey you are given access to an hour long session which installs a simple strategy to allow you to clearly mark the sidelines of your playing field, establish rock solid goals for your pupper to kick at and through that, levels the playing field for both you and your pupper!


Meaning that regardless of what has happened before, you can now rebuild the relationship with your pupper the way you want it!

By putting this lesson - and its two high powered and fun exercises - into place, you will have a resolution for 70% of problems that come your way. For every general problem, from barking to counter surfing, from digging to fence running and much much more, you will be able to put the brakes on what you don't like and establish and teach what you do!

THrough this strategy your pup will want to be attentive and perform, so when you need it there is no doubt.

How good is it really?

Here are a couple of examples from real people with real problems:

The first is a family with two English Staffordshire Terriers, these two would fight 5-6 times a day. After teh Grey, no more fights!

The second is a Cane Corso who lead a very limited puppyhood and came to a large property. Unfortunately, he was fearful of strangers and this led to bites, he also viewed the livestock, pets and horses as potential food sources. After the Grey, he was under control, could be present around pets and livestock and was prepared for future training...which he rocked!

Sounds good...whats next?

Simple! Click below to purchase the video in streaming format. You'll be taken seamlessly to your PayPal and you simply approve the one time payment of only AU$79.95!!!