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​In 2017 689 children aged 0-9 where hospitalised as a result of dog attacks. 405 of those children where between 0-4. That accounts for 2 children hospitalised every day!

Barefoot Paws with Kids aims to provide information to ensure that children of all ages can be safer around their dogs. We package our information for parents and educators alike.

Pregnancy $250

If you are pregnant and you own a dog this course will help you prepare your home and your dog for your new baby.

This package is delivered during your 3 trimesters and includes:

3 Scheduled visitations (1 per trimester)

DogSafe Bundle

Video of all sessions

Training Plan indivudally tailored to you



Infants $250

You are about to bring your newborn home. Did you know that infants can appear like prey to dogs?

This is 3 week program Includes:

3 x 1hr scheduled weekly sessions at your home
DogSafe Bundle

Video of your sessions for your reference

Training Plan individually tailored for you

Educators $250

We have a package tailoured specifically towards young children that includes Learning Outcomes that fall in line with the EYLF and the NQF to ensure that you are able to meet your criteria.

Included in this package are:

DogSafe Bundle

Social Story

90min Demonstration to a class of 30 children

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