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Dog Training should leave you and your dog stoked!

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Walking is fundamental to a great relationship with your dog.

Our programs graduate you towards a beautiful Heel, which means walking with you and ignoring the world.

A dog who can walk in harmony with you is not reactive. They are able to center themselves back to you.



Nothing gives peace of mind than a dog who will leave anything and come running to you.

Having a dog who will come back to you is a lifesaver!

A dog who can come running to you is able to enjoy more of life. Taking them to the beach, the dog park, adventure walks and keeping them safe in sticky situations



Stay is an exercise in self control.

Through self control we gain mastery of over our impulses.

A dog who can stay in a Sit, Stand and/or Down position is a dog who is confident, stable and capable.

It is hard to be reactive when you have mastery of your instincts.



Your dog is not under command 24/7!

It is important that we teach them how your lifestyle works!

As soon as we are able to teach our dogs - in real time - what is beneficial, what is desired and what is detrimental and what is undesired, we are able to set us and our dogs free from anxiety and distress.

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