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Pick up and Delivery
Air Conditioned Transport
Outdoors all day
Fully Fenced Facility
Huge Yards
Small Social Groups
Trained & Experienced Staff
Natural sand, grass & trees
Obstacle courses
Agility equipment
Video updates daily
1-1 Training
Access to Barefoot Academy
Daily Rate

Tell me about the Brainery

How do we do this?

Toe Dipper

To kick of your social journey we book a Trial Day in. This Day is designed to ensure that our students achieve the most beneficial and optimal transition into their new lifestyle.

We assess:

  • Greeting of a stranger

  • On-lead handling by stranger

  • Introduction to the Brainery Bus

  • Entry to allocated space in Bus

  • Sociability throughout the day

COST: $100

Payment is made in advance of the attendance

3 dogs smiling and posing for a photo

Waist Deep


Upon successful conclusion of the Toe Dipper we will schedule 3 further visits to the Brainery to ensure that your student is able to make the best of their time with us and have the best time possible.


When we're Waist Deep we start to see how well a student is able to settle in and how well they are able to fit into our program.

We keep you up-to-date with each visit as we monitor your students progress. Should there be any signs to indicate deeper immersion to be detrimental, we will raise them with you and propose a plan accordingly.

COST: $300

Payment is made in advance for each attendance


When your student graduates the Waist Deep phase, you now have a happy Fooligan! Ready to enjoy the full benefits of the Brainery!

It is at this point that your student will have earned a permanent space on the Brainery Bus, enter into the development curriculum and enjoy the full benefits of the Brainery Program!

You also receive access to the Barefoot Paws Academy. This is your private community where you can meet with other students families, enjoy training tips, advice and other valuable content for you only.

COST: $100 per day

Payment is made in advance of each attendance

Two dogs running and having fun

Hey listen! If you send me the Brainery Application form now, I will send you a cool video that shows you what we get up to straight away!

Brainery Application

Let me know that you want the best ever doggy day care based on the best ever enrichment!

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