We have different levels of services for you, dependant on what you need:

We can also cater for individual needs for specific purposes - please contact us for more details

Grey - Click here for more

THE foundation program which gives you absolute control of your dogs behaviour! Upon completion of this program your dog is able to listen attentively to you, live according to your lifestyle, wait patiently at the front door without bolting and problem solve independently.

This 7 day program is so powerful that many, previously, reactive dogs have become wonderful companion dogs!

White - Click here for more

The White is a 9 week program that gives you the dog you always wanted!

The White contains the Savage Puppy program to raise the dog you'll love, the popular Sociability program to provide the fundamental obedience/social skills a dog needs to thrive, the Scent Work stream to allow you to maximise your dogs life through their nose for fun, enrichment and performance.


The White fuses beautifully together with the Grey to provide an all round, all-serving package to serve any and every dog.

Teal - Click here for more

The Teal programs are the individual classes and courses provided on line and face-face.

Including the powerful Heelers Class, the popular process for teaching your dog to walk with you and ignore the world.



Multi Dog Households

For each dog above the first a $50 surcharge will be applied per session.

The Grey costs $100 per extra dog. (Total cost $515 for 2 dogs)

The White costs $450 per extra dog. (Total costs $1749 for 2 dogs)