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Ivy League Puppies

Setting you up for real life - because the puppy fun stops!

Your Puppy Kindy is waiting for you!
House training is a hair-pulling process. But this course makes it ridiculously easy
Socialization is not what you think and the traditional approach causes problems by the time your puppy turns just 8months of age. Learn the right way to start the journey
Walking your puppy on a loose lead is simple with this class, stopping overexcitement and pulling to "say hi"
Waiting is a skill that keeps paint on your walls, grass on your lawn and vet bills down.
Recall is easy as a puppy, but done traditionally, the recall flounders by 6months of age. But not with this straightforward and fun program!

This is what you need to have.
Complete A-Z of puppies unpacked for you each week.
Behavioural control is possible now and into the future, giving your puppy goals to shoot at and sidelines to play within.
With my Marker system you will be amazed at how quickly your puppy learns.
Relax at home and in public with no more surprises, apart from the normal puppy stuff.
Learn the psychology and why's of dogs in simple steps.
Learn to control public interactions. No more risking the "I think they'll be OK" or "I'm great with dogs" anymore!
Poor Socialisation skills during puppyhood is the primary reason for rehoming, behavioural intervention, reactivity, shoulder jarring and frenetic walks with no off lead abilities.
The traditional classes of giving you a puppy that can Hi-5 but not listen are finished!
The confusion of meat or no meat, fat or not fat is done! No more asking FB "friends" how to solve problems!
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The Program

What you get in the Ivy League:

  • 5 Weeks of Face-Face group classes

  • Attention to you when you want it - become their #1 even through their teenage phase!

  • Food & Toy games to enrich and teach - no more resource guarding!

  • Place, go over there and wait for me - have a safe place away from me, even when I am away!

  • Recall, come back to me and leave that - if you want them off lead, they must be able to do this well!

  • Walking, walk with me, by my side and ignore that - their safe place as they learn the world!

  • Sit, wait for me while I do me - puppies are born reactive, this teaches them self control!

  • Socialization, hanging out together loving life - no chasing, no barking, no fear, no stress!

This is the tip of the iceberg. The skills we will teach your puppy. There is also expert advice on topics such as feeding, toilet training, behavioural control, developmental periods, age appropriate expectations and troubleshooting.

Valued Support

But wait...there's more (yeah right!)

By signing up to the program today you receive these bonus inclusions:

  • Lifetime access to the Barefoot Paws Academy - $120 per year FREE

  • Tutorial Videos - $200 FREE

  • Training Plans - $360 FREE

That is an included value of $680...FREE

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Training Applicaton

Training Application

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