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You don't lift a finger

Less than a pair of pants

Imagine not having to do anything AND have your dog trained for you! You don't even need to be home! Your precious partner will be picked up in the Learnery Bus, trained and dropped back home. As they are graduated through their curriculum you benefit from a happier, calmer, more attentive dog that actually makes you happy and want to go out for walks with them!
Your puppy or dog are graduated through a curriculum to teach them how to - actually - socialize (it ain't what you think) and walk with you past previous triggers. They will leave something to come running at you with their gorgeous smile beaming. They will wait for you while you do you. They won't cause you anymore embarrassment, fear or anxiety, happily to be with you where your at.
And you? You just need to enroll them!
The Learnery is best complemented with you following on with the training - that's gotta be obvious. I'm not pulling the wool over your eyes here! Many don't and love the results while many do follow on and hit the next level that they couldn't imagine! For this you get access to the Barefoot Paws Academy. This community is a fun and supportive environment specifcaly designed for Barefoot Paws clients only. Become one today!

The Program

Here is what you get in your Learnery Program:

  • 10 weekly sessions of Training

  • Attention to you at home and in public

  • Place, send them to their bed so you can clean up their spill

  • Recall, leave that and come running to me

  • Walking, ignore that and walk with me

  • Liberty, lets hang out and play or chill together

There's more?

But wait...there's more (yeah right!)

By signing up to the program today you receive these bonus inclusions:

  • Lifetime access to the Barefoot Paws Academy - worth $120 per year!

  • Pick up and Drop off - worth $500!

  • Video Updates - worth $200!

That is an included value of $820 in the first year alone!

Get started NOW! Fill out the form
I'll even send you a FREE tutorial on Liberty!

Training Application

To register your training goals, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Training Application
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