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You don't lift a finger

Less than a pair of pants

Walk and Train Central Coast

Weekly installments of only $100

Our Walk and Train program is fantastic for you!

Your pooch might now be:
  • Jumping on you and your guests
  • Chasing cars
  • Digging
  • Pulling on the lead, or
  • listens only when you have something they want..

Sound familiar?

After the Learnery program is successfully completed your student will be able to :
  • Listen when you need them to
  • Walk with you on a loose lead
  • Stay in one Place
  • Come away from something exciting (to them) when you call
We know how hard it can be to get all this done in your own time. Talk to us today and we will get the ball rolling for you!

The past term has been such a valuable experience for our Honey. She is learning so much and Stu provides timely feedback about where I need to concentrate training and how. The videos are thorough and well explained. Honey is always excited to leave. The bonus is that she is picked up and dropped off and can have training even though I’m at work. Highly recommend!

Jacqui and Honey

Kairos can’t wait for the Learnery bus to rock up on a Friday morning ! He loves his adventures with his teacher. Stu always takes time to explain what happened during the session so we can continue the work that week. At 11 months old, and 35 kilos, this German Shepherd is a full on dog, who returns home after a morning with Stu, like a calm little Cavoodle 😂❤️
Thanks Stu - our lives are better with you in it

Ann and Kairos

Buzz has been going to Barefoot Paws since he was about 5 months old. It was great for socialising him as a puppy.and now he’s nearly one I love taking him out. He is so social, wants to meet everydog and human. He loves school days and is so excited from the moment he knows it’s school day and runs to the bus. He comes home exhausted and after a shower sleeps till morning. Barefoot paws relieves my guilt for leaving him while I go to work.Thanks Stu for being a great mate to Buzz; now if we could only find a way to keep him out of the mud 🐕

Rosie and Buzz

Stu is the absolute best. I now have a calmer bulldog who listens and does as he’s told. He’s come leaps and bounds since working with stu. Highly recommend.

Karla and Bernie

The Program

Here is what you get in your Learnery Program:

  • 10 weekly sessions of Training

  • Attention to you at home and in public

  • Place, send them to their bed so you can clean up their spill

  • Recall, leave that and come running to me

  • Walking, ignore that and walk with me

  • Liberty, lets hang out and play or chill together

The Details

Training Application

How much?

You only pay $100 a week over the course of the program.

All payments are completed via direct debit through a secure provider. Don't worry, the form takes less than a minute to complete..


Let us know when your student is ready and we will get the ball rolling! Enrollments are available year round.


The Learnery brings your student to popular destinations that are suitable for your dogs abilities. We will head into Bunnings, Pet Stores and visit DogParks (from the right side of the fence of course).

Get started NOW! Fill out the form
I'll even send you a FREE tutorial on Liberty!

Training Application

To register your training goals, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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