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Private Dog Training Central Coast


Training you both

Because your a Team!

Only 3 low installments of $299

The University is our 1-1 private coaching package, tailored to your needs. There are times when you require training too!

You might currently have a pooch who is:

  • Jumping on you and your guests
  • Chasing cars
  • Bolting out the door
  • Pulling on the lead, or
  • listens only when you have something they want...

You may also have some behavioural issues such as:
  • Puppy Development
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Reactivity
  • Separation Stress/Anxiety
  • Barking
  • Digging
After the University program is successfully completed your student will be able to:
  • Listen when you need them to
  • Walk with you on a loose lead
  • Stay in one Place
  • Come away from something exciting (to them) when you call
  • Be calm around previous triggers
  • Look forward to going out
There are many ways that you can achieve this. But don't you want your student to be able to get past their hurdles with Enthusiasm? A Barefoot Paws graduate, looks different. They walk different. They even eat different. You can tell a Fooligan a mile away. That much stoke doesn't lie!

The Program

Here is what you get in a typical University Program:

  • 5 Sessions delivered at home and Face-Face

  • Attention to you when you want it

  • Food & Toy games to enrich them and teach you improved handling skills

  • Place, go over there and wait for me - them loving listening, you relaxed and stoked

  • Recall, come back to me and leave that - them waiting like a stalking butler, you relaxed and stoked

  • Walking, walk with me, by my side and ignore that - them following you, you relaxed and stoked

  • Sit, wait for me while I do me - them not velroed to you, you relaxed and stoked

  • Liberty, hanging out together loving life - them and you relaxed and stoked

This is a typical University program. Your particular program may look different depending on your specific goals and needs. Fill in the Training form below and get the ball rolling now.

Thank Stu. Bonnie and I learnt so much over the course. We have both come along way and now have an amazing framework to continue to grow and flourish. Without your help this would have not been possible 🐾🐾

Ursi and Bonnie

After a few failed training attempts I contacted Barefoot Paws. Stuart’s approach to training was awesome. I signed up for both Grey and White programs. My dog was reactive and did not respond to food. Stuart’s patience, training methods and ability to think outside the box when things did not go to plan were incredible. Both my dog and I have learnt so much and are now working together as a team. We are finally able to go on walks around all triggers that would have previously sent him into an absolute frenzy. I highly recommend Barefoot Paws.

Kay and Kobe

Stu is the best dog trainer we have ever worked with. He truly understands what lies behind a dog’s behaviour and what we can do as humans to help them live happy and successful lives. He trains us to be able to train our pups in a way that builds both capacity and confidence (for us and our furry friends). No question or challenge is ever too big or small!

Trin and Jess

Our fur baby Lady was a handful to say the least lol, being a cattle x kelpie she was a little nipper, a jumper and a little barker. We were starting to loose hope and our patience a few friends recommended Stu to us and with the help from him our little Lady has calmed down and is a lot less crazy!
Stu has incredible knowledge and explains every step along the way. We cannot thank him enough for helping us!

Taila and Lady

You get personalised video coaching included!

Get started NOW fill out the form and I will send you a FREE Video Coaching example today!

Training Applicaton

Training Application

To register your training goals, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Interstate and International Sessions are also available via Zoom

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