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Training you both

Because your a Team!

Our Flagship program to give you everything that you need in a simple to understand, easy to follow format!
Doesn't matter if you have a puppy, adolescent or adult wannabe Fooligan (maybe more Hooligan right now?)
has become a bit of a handful! Maybe they're pulling, barking, jumping or rough housing. Or everything seems OK at home but as soon as you get out the door...its like your not even there?
Then this is what you need to have.
The University programs give your Fooligan the ability to be attentive to you even in tough situations. Imagine that you can enjoy a  real walk, with them ignoring everything but YOU as well as enjoy taking them out on a Sniffari. Imagine having them stay at your beach side table while you order your caramel latte and carrot cake. Imagine hanging out at the park together, on the same picnic blanket. Imagine being able to take them out and have them come back to you when you call out.
You can achieve this - and more - through the University Programs!
How do we do this?
We meet once a week for 5 weeks. I am your project manager and you are the team leader. I set you up to succeed. You start smashing goals
Then you take over:
2 sessions a day, one at breakfast, one at dinner time.
Max 5mins per drill! This is supposed to be fun and rock'n'roll!!!

The Program

Here is what you get in a typical University Program:

  • 5 Sessions delivered at home and Face-Face

  • Attention to you when you want it

  • Food & Toy games to enrich them and teach you improved handling skills

  • Place, go over there and wait for me - them loving listening, you relaxed and stoked

  • Recall, come back to me and leave that - them waiting like a stalking butler, you relaxed and stoked

  • Walking, walk with me, by my side and ignore that - them following you, you relaxed and stoked

  • Sit, wait for me while I do me - them not velroed to you, you relaxed and stoked

  • Liberty, hanging out together loving life - them and you relaxed and stoked

This is a typical University program. Your particular program may look different depending on your specific goals and needs. Fill in the Training form below and get the ball rolling now.

Valued Support

But wait...there's more (yeah right!)

By signing up to the program today you receive these bonus inclusions:

  • Lifetime access to the Barefoot Paws Academy - worth $120 per year!

  • Training Plans - worth $360!

  • Video Analysis - worth $200!

That is an included value of $680!

You get personalised video coaching included!

Get started NOW fill out the form and I will send you a FREE Video Coaching example today!

Training Applicaton

Training Application

To register your training goals, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Interstate and International Sessions are also available via Zoom

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