I have been working with dogs for almost 10years. I began my career by volunteering with ASB Starnberg and ASB Munich. These are two Canine Search and Rescue units in and around Munich in Germany. This opened up the world of dog training to me and I have not looked back since!

The details of behavioural assessments, teaching, refining and deploying skills for the purposes of saving or recovering human life adds a sense of urgency and accuracy to the purpose!

Since moving back to Australia I have given myself over to the study of behaviour in greater detail. I have worked across the spectrum from hands free purely positive paradigms all the way through to compulsion based systems.

Having gathered international education in the fields of dog training, human performance coaching and teaching, I am best placed to serve you and your dog to meet the goals you want to achieve.

With specialisation in Scentwork and Sociability, we can take you and your dog on a journey away from frustration town and straight to stoke city!

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It just takes AIR

Attention - Independence - Relationship

Attention is your dogs capacity to be able to focus on you, despite tests and temptations which may be present, or perceived by your dog.

Independence, this is your dogs ability to remain alone and function autonomously towards an end goal.

Relationship is the third angle which Barefoot Paws uses to establish harmony in your home and enthusiasm in your dogs expression.

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