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To get YOU stoked

That's why!

Stu has been working with canines for two decades in both hemispheres to deliver a better quality of life, powerful performance, fun and relief to YOU.

Working with dogs in Australia and Europe gives Stu a broader picture about what it takes to deliver great husbandry to your beloved dogs.

Learn to think of your dogs as Students.

Learn to expect your students to excel in their careers.

Be that a career in walking, couch surfing, comforting, companionship, fun or finding. A student who wants to do their job...never works a day in their life.

My love is the art of the Search.

Stu joined two Canine Search and Rescue units in and around Munich in Germany and this is where he realised that training a performing dog requires a great deal of attention, independence and a fantastic relationship.

He has made it his mission to make sure that you get the best from his great experience and knowledge.

Searchwork requires a huge amount of effort and often results in determining that there is nothing to be found! A fruitless endeavour?

Can you imagine doing a weeks work in one day for nothing?

And yet our canines do this, because that is what they are all born to do. To find if something is there and to determine that something is not there.

Now imagine that your task is to find someones child, to find contraband in a classroom or correction facility. This adds a serious wrinkle to your training. Since the results of your training now can save peoples lives.

That level of seriousness flows into your defensive handling skills, since our streets are smothered with off lead dogs "just wanting to say hi"!

This is where Barefoot Paws comes from. We take training very seriously, because we know how serious it can be.

But we make it fun, since fun drives you to greater success!

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