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Heel Training Plan - Bundle

Heel Training Plan - Bundle


Introducing our comprehensive Training Plans designed to help you graduate through all the phases of Heel.


Start with a pulling dog and finish with a student who pays you attention when you want it with Enthusiasmas you journey towards Heel mastery!


Complete with step-by-step tutorial videos that will guide you through the teaching phase, ensuring that you and your dog are on the right track. This bundle has all 18 tutorial videos for you!


Also included are the almost 2hours of training system episodes for you!


All this in one handy space!


With easy-to-follow bullet points, you'll learn the techniques and principles of heel training, your pooch can't help but enjoy that journey with you! No more struggling down the street with a pulling lunatic!


Whether you're a beginner or looking to fine-tune your dog's heeling skills, our training plan is the perfect solution for a well-behaved and obedient pup. Start your journey to successful heeling with this Training Plan today!

  • Item Specifications

    PDF Format

    File Size 2.5MB

    6 pages

    18 videos

    2hrs Audio Episodes

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