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Heelers Workbook

Heelers Workbook

SKU: 210702WBHE

Teach your dog to ignore the world and walk with you. With enthusiasm, effort and execution.


"This Workbook will take you, step-step, through a Training Plan intended to give you and your dog a strong skillset which will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and bring your dog with you as you are able to trust and enjoy your dog in your lifestyle."


This is the same program that I use in my 1-1 and class formats!


The Heelers Workbook takes you through the process from zero to walking your dog in high density public situations.

Enjoy taking your dog to the coffee shop, to the vet, past the dramatic dog in that front yard and even enjoy taking them to the great outdoors.

If you want your dog to walk with you, we must teach them that! No dog is born with a desire to Heel. We must teach them this civil skill so that they are able to enjoy living in your lifestyle.

We start by capturing your dogs attention, build up on that by teaching them how the lead and collar work and then start to teach them how to actually walk at heel.

Heel is defined as keeping their right shoulder in line with your left leg. You stop, they sit.

Heel is a foundational skill which keeps more dogs in their family unit, living happy, enriching, adaptive lives.

Heel is useful for getting into, through and away from difficult situations, such as past dogs, people, crossing roads, avoiding triggers and can also be used as part of a rehabilitative process for overcoming emotional problems such as reactivity.


Here is an example  of the outcome of teaching your dog how the Sliplead works. We have not started to teach this dog how to Heel yet! Already we have a dog who understands what that thing around their neck means and how to maximise its advantage!

The Workbook is written in simple to understand language and each step is backed up with video examples of the described drills.


Each step of the journey you are given the training outcomes, the bullet point description of the drill to be completed, video to support the written word and last but not least, you are given benchmarks to identify when you are ready to progress to the nexxt step.


If you want to learn how to walk your dog...look no further! The Heelers Workbook will teach you everything you need to know.



  • Important Information

    Format: PDF

    File Size: 10MB

    Pages: 38

    Training should be undertaken with the supervision of a Canine Training Service Provider.

    Results can vary.

    Misuse of the provided information can result in damages/injury/death.

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