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Raw Feeding - An Introduction

Raw Feeding - An Introduction

SKU: 210716HBRF

You want to give your dog the best nutrition possible?

You also believe that feeding your dog a high quality natural diet is super expensive?


Feeding your dog a RAW diet which is biologically appropriate is actually not as difficult or expensive as you might think!


With a BARF approach you can feed your dog less, reduce behavioural problems, reduce medical issues, actually save money and have a better dog because of it!

  • Important Information

    Format: PDF

    File Size: 25MB

    Pages: 11

    This booklet will give you enough information to start feeding your dog a RAW/BARF diet.
    It is intended to give you information to start your exploration of a natural appropriate diet.

    It is not intended to be a nutritional diet plan resource. Misuse of the contained information can lead to all manner of side effects including nutritional deficiencies, weight problems and emotional issues.

    Please see a Canine Nutritionist for more detailed information

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