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The Grey - Workbook

The Grey - Workbook

SKU: 210523WBGR

The Flagship program from Barefoot Paws has made it to the digital age!


In 7days you will be able to enjoy a beneficial, inclusive, joyful and productive life with your dog.


"By following the step-step process of this workbook you are freed from thedebilitating state of anxiety that often overwhelms us to the point of failingbefore we started. After working with, literally, hundreds of dogs and owners –like you - over the last seven years I have put this program together which targets the root cause for the overwhelming majority of dog and people issues."


It does not matter what issues your dog is presenting, this book will have them wanting to pay you the attention you need!


The Grey program has resolved complicated issues in dogs and continues to do so! Issues such as counter surfing, reactivity, incessant barking, picky eating, jumping, lack of attention, irritiability, frustration, fear and more!


This Workbook takes you through the theoretical component of the Grey in easy to understand language. No confusing jargon for you, that has been replaced with clear, sharp, precise and - most importantly - easily understood words.


Following from the theory we dive into the practical aspect! The meat and potatoes of the program!


You will learn how to capture and harness the attention of your dog and how to establish sidelines to your dogs behaviour. WIth this alone your dog will bloom into a wonderful companion!


We will also teach your dog the LOOK command, great for when things go sideways and you need your dog to focus on you and you alone.


You will be taught how to train your dog to touch a target at a distance, promoting self-assuredness, independent thought, confidence and fun into an exercise you could use at the Vets and Groomers to keep your dog calm.


The last drill we install teaches you how to use the power tools of the Grey to teach your dog to calmly wait at the front door, with the door wide open and your dog off lead!


You will learn about Socialisation - what it is and is not - and how to best integrate your dog into your lifestyle.


Included is a training diary for your records so that you can keep track of your amazing progress.


In 7 days you will have a new dog!

  • Important Information

    Format: PDF

    FileSize: 50MB

    Pages: 58

    This is a complete training program, whose outcome is to complete the Aquisition stage of training and provide an owner the ability to execute safe and effective control of their dog.

    For best results consult your canine training service provider. Results will vary.

    Incorrect use of the included information can lead to damages/injury/death.

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