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Watch the presentation below to learn about how amazing the GREY will be for you!

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So good!

The Grey is still the most popular program, being offered since 2018 and has been responsible for helping hundreds of households just like yours every year!

This program is designed to accelerate learning and give you behavioural control. Giving you attention from your student like you've never had before and at the same time freeing you from the micro-management you have been a slave to previously!

This program comes with its fair share of inclusions when you book today:

  • Lifetime access to the Barefoot Paws Academy - worth $120 per year!

  • Training Plans - worth $120!

  • Video Analysis - worth $200!

That is an included value of $440 in the first year alone!

And the total investment is only $450!

That's right! You only make two payments of $225 for all of this!


This is program that has paid for itself already! Before you've even started!!

Calm Dog

You deserve this!
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