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What we want to do for you

What does Barefoot Paws do?

We address any issues that you feel that you have with your dog. Regardless of the exact issue, be it a terrible eater, a barking mad dog, a postie chaser, an aggressive dog or an adult doing with housebreaking problems. We don’t care what the issue is, as long as we can help you crack the problem and change the behaviour.

During the work with your dog we will define which learning technique your dog is best responsive to. Much like people can respond to movement, theory or visual cues, so to can dogs react very differently to food, play and affection. Once you find the optimal key to your dogs mindset and motivation you will find that they will respond completely differently as far as enthusiasm goes.

The puppy below, Hudson, a Catahoula puppy in Munich Germany was very responsive to food, however it was play that really got him working. As soon as I could get him involved and sold out to working with me for the enjoyment rather than the food (read pay) he moved forward in leaps and bounds.

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