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Dog Drugs

When we encounter behavioural issues, it is preferable to use Behavioural Intervention first. If the situation does not lend itself to management and/or the behavioural intervention (aka Training or Behavioural Modification) is not working alone, then certain medications may be prescribed to help you and your dog.

Fluoxitine (aka Prozac, Lovan) is a commonly prescribed drug for our dogs that suffer with fear and aggression issues. What happens is that serotonin (a feel good brain chemical) is prevented from being flushed out so quickly.

The result is to be a brain that holds on to serotonin linger and as such enables the brain to work in a different mood for longer.

However, many people are under the assumption that this is the cure! This is not so!!! Fluoxitine is preparatory in nature, the repair, the rewiring, of the brain still happens through the behavioural intervention; which is supported by the altered brain chemistry.

The brain is able to be more receptive to the training, which makes your dog able to learn rather than succumb to their impulses; which are so strongly biased.

There are certain issues with using medication, but we cannot ascertain what they are from our dogs unless e symptoms are more severe.

Is your dog is prescribed Fluoxitine then you must have a behavioural modification plan in conjunction with it. If not, the problem will reoccur.


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