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Functional Obedience - Good

This episode will see us add to our communication library so that we can continue to report to our dogs in a timely fashion how they are performing.

The signal "Good" is very similar to the signal "Yes". If you have not yet watched that video...have at it.

Good, in its simplest terms allows us to take that particular instant and give feedback to our dog that what they are doing is correct and furthermore that they should continue to do so.

Remember that "Yes" tells our dogs that they did correct and that they can now get their reward which will reinforce the desired behaviour.

For example our dog completed the "Sit" exercise, we say "Yes" and the exercise is done. On the other hand, we say "Sit", our dog sits, we say "Good" then we wait for 5 seconds, say "Good" for staying in position then wait another 5 seconds before saying "Yes" to end the Sit-Stay exercise. Another example is when a dog self corrects. Lets say that we are walking at "Heel", our dog forges ahead of us, then self corrects and re-enters the "Heel" position, we can reinforce that self correction by saying "Good".

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