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Pandemic Scent Games

This season..well all of 2020 so far has been a pandemonium. Along our eastern seaboard the major ports are all part of heavily affected COVID centres. The initial wave of NSW Lock Down protocol allowed travel to holiday hokes to spend the spontaneous few weeks in some sort of comfort...for many! My area was filled with people escaping the city and heading to the coastal holiday spots. This next wave will see something similar, however the duration and the restrictions will be greater. During the first wave, there was a sharp increase in the amount of pet purchases. Not just dogs, but also reptiles, fish and birds. That sounds nice, but, over the last few months, the resuces are back to capacity and the shelters are filling up again. Why? Because those Pandemic Pups are not receiving the required lessons for a balanced life at home. Pandemic Pups are at great risk of all manner of issues as they grow. It is my prediction that medication and euthanasia for Pandemic Pups will be out of proportion to pre-Pandemic pups. That's a bleak picture, purposefully so! How can we get around this? How can we mitigate the risk? How can we build strong, confident, courageous pups that will be able to tolerate and even thrive when the gates open and we finally return to normal? Here is where the Pandemic Scent Games comes in! Our first Workshop for the Pandemic Scent Games will be an introduction to Scent games:

Nosework Scatter Feeding/Foraging Food and Seek

Morning tea and light lunch included.

09:00 Socialisation - For suitable dogs 10:00 Begin 11:30 Morning Tea 15min 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Finish

Treats supplied by Dribble St Treats

Includes small sniff kit too

Cost: $150 Location: K9 Country Farmstay @ Wyee NSW When: 05/09/2020

You can call me on 0412 926 830

Max 10 spots.

What is the intended outcome? Your pupper will be able to explode the code! Through the use of your puppers nose, you exercise the largest part of their brain.

In doing so you tire your dogs brain out and fullfill their life. A large part of poor behaviour, over-excitement, anxiety, reactivity, confidence, food fussing and a bunch more can be relieved and eliminated through the strategic and simple use of your dogs nose. By depleting the brains battery, we can exercise our puppers, scratch the daily itch they have to sniff and hunt and allow them to lead happier lives. Not just that, but we can also have a tremendous amount of fun with our pups! Teach them to find your keys, wallet, phone, money etc. This can be done, by you, indoors and outdoors in less than 10minutes.


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