The give and take of raising your pupper

Consequences drive behaviour

A simple statement with a complex meaning.

The cut and thrust is simple enough, is the juice worth the squeeze? Its a yes or no answer, no shades of grey.

Let us look a little deeper into the statement though...


A consequence is the predictable outcome of a behaviour.

A consequence can be appetitive (desirable) or aversive (intolerable).


A behaviour is an action executed by the student.

The statement now means that our student pupper now understands whats at stake and how to get it.

We say "Come" and our dogs predict that running to you will result in food from you, so they run to you with the idea that they receive their pay.


Now, consequences can applied by presentation (positive) or removal (negative). Consequences can be reinforcing (more intense and/or more frequent) or punishing (less intense and/or less frequent).

Let us look at the combinations that are possible and how we can affect daily life and training with these four combinatio