The Power to Devour - Poisons

This week sees us go to the dark side of nutrition! Bear with us as we unpack some of the poisons that our dogs can be subjected to (purposefully or accidentally).

Even recently there have been cases of animal poisoning on our beloved Central Coast! Here is a recent case. Click HERE to read the article on the Budgewoi case that occurred earlier this month.

So let’s do this….the deadly stuff:


1080 (ten-eighty) is a pest control poison that has been used since 1896 and is quite an effective means of controlling large scale populations by organisations such as the NSW Park Rangers. The Bait itself contains a red pellet and generally comes in a meat or oat based delivery to the animal. The 1080 poison itself is designed to have no taste and no smell. That means that poison delivery is increased. Not good for the pet dog!

Symptoms of 1080 poisoning include howling, sever agitation, running around (zoomies/FRAP) seizures and fits, ultimately death.

If your dog vomits or passes red pellets in their stool…gather the evidence and your dog and go to the Vets with it.

This bait does fall into unsavoury hands, despite tight legislation and processes to eliminate this, and it can get used as pet bait.