Puppy to Adult Development stages

The following list of developmental stages will help guide your training plan as well as perhaps temper your expectations as to what will happen when in your puppies’ development.

Important to note is that socialisation does not stop with puppy classes. Whilst attendance is preferred, active participation in your pup’s early development will help both of you adjust to situations later down the track.

Socialisation needs to be supervised and there are usually designated dog parks - not just off leash areas - where you will find like-minded people to connect with while witnessing how amazing your dog is.

0 - 2 Weeks - Neonatal

Most helpless stage

Body temperature cannot be self-regulate

Dam must initiate puppies’ ability to eliminate by way of licking

Eyes and Ears are closed, vocalisation as well as forward crawling movement is possible

2 - 3 Weeks - Transitional

Ears and eyes open

Teeth erupt

Eyes cannot yet fully see

Human handling and scent exposure should start here

3 - 4 Weeks -Awareness

Full sensory awareness

Ability to regulate body temperature and eliminate autonomously

Can ingest food besides sucking

Differing floor surfaces should be introduced