The power to devour

In this Blog series we will look into the complicated world of nutrition, as it relates to your dog. We will go into some detail, but not too much that you should lose yourself in a technical series of rabbit holes.

The purpose of this series is to act as a reference point for which you can then take information and enrich your dog’s life or investigate further into more detail. That we leave up to you. Our purpose is to inform you the dog owner in such a way that you can make your own decisions about how to improve the life of your canine companion.


That’s the Barefoot side of us, we lay the information bare of convoluted detail to highlight the simple aspects that you can then use.

We will be looking at three philosophies of canine nutrition in particular:

  • Commercially available pet foods;

  • Raw or BARF; and

  • Prey Model

These diets – keep in mind that a diet is not a weight loss program, it is, however, what we eat, regardless of the result – will be compared to each other throughout this series.

This series will see us unpack:

  • The Pros and Cons of each diet

  • The ideals and absolutes

  • Food used as baits and treats

  • Poisonous foods and substances

  • And the jackpot: How to teach your dog to avoid food when out in public and how to teach a fussy eater to wolf down their food…for free and accessible 24/7 just for you!

Let’s kick this off by examining the 3 main philosophies of canine nutrition:

Commercially available dog foods